2.2 Micron SWIR InGaAs Linear AGC Balanced Optical Receiver to 18 GHz

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The DSC-R212 is a linear AGC balanced receiver ideally suited for a variety of optical detection applications up to optical wavelengths of 2.2µm. This receiver offers a variety of user-adjustable characteristics such as RF gain, bandwidth and frequency response, output amplitude and mode of operation (AGC or manual gain control). The DSC-R212 also offers RF bandwidth to 18GHz, gain to 5600 V/W and low power dissipation. The DSC-R212 is available in GPPO packaged module with differential RF outputs, as well as in Discovery¹s Lab Buddy instrument.

DSC-R212-2.2 Micron SWIR InGaAs Linear AGC Balanced Optical Receiver to 18 GHz

Figure: DSCR-212

Salient Features:
  • High responsivity from 1.2µm to 2.2µm optical wavelengths
  • Balanced optical receiver to 18GHz with well-matched fiber length, responsivity and RF response
  • Two modes of operation: AGC or manual gain control
  • User-adjustable differential gain: 60 to 5600 V/W
  • User-adjustable RF bandwidth and frequency response
  • Peak detector function for monitoring of AC output voltage
  • Excellent DPSK and DQPSK eye patterns and BER
  • Wide optical dynamic range: -15 to 0dBm
  • Low power consumption (270mW)
  • Available in both module and Lab Buddy instrument forms
  • High reliability InGaAs photodiodes, transimpedance amplifier and packaging
  • Gas detection
  • Secure FSO communications
  • Time Resolved Spectroscopy
  • Photo medicine and surgery
  • Non-linear frequency up conversion
  • Mid IR supercontinium generators
  • OFDM
  • Laser development
Available Models:
  • DSC-R212 – 2µm Wavelength InGaAs Linear AGC Balanced Optical Receiver to 18 GHz
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