Discovery Semiconductors manufactures photodetectors and balanced photoreceivers for 10 Gb, 40 Gb, and 100 Gb applications.

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DP-QPSK 100 Gb/400 Gb Coherent Optical Receiver Lab Buddy

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The DSC-R413 is an O/E instrument designed to convert DP-QPSK optical data to differential electrical signals. The R413 offers several user-adjustable characteristics such as RF gain, bandwidth, and mode of operation (AGC or manual gain control) and is ideally suited for a variety of applications. Additionally, the DC photocurrents of the balanced receivers are available for monitoring.
DSC-R413: DP-QPSK 40 Gbps/100 Gbps Coherent Receiver Lab Buddy

Figure 1: Dual Polarization Coherent Receiver Lab Buddy

DSC-R413 Y Bit Error Ratio     DSC-R413 Live 25 Gbaud DQPSK Constellation

Figure 2: 100 Gbps DP-QPSK Bit Error Ratio and Constellation

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Discovery Semiconductors - 100G/400G Coherent Receiver Lab Buddy Live Demo
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