50 GHz PIN Photodiode Available from Discovery Semiconductors

Discovery Semiconductors, a leader in wide bandwidth detector technology, has announced the availability of the Model DSC10S-3, a 50 GHz detector with fiber pigtail. Featuring a 10 micron sweet spot with unique high dynamic range and linearity, this photodetector provides DC to 50 GHz bandwidth and responsivity of 0.55 A/W. It saves precious board real estate with its small footprint hermetically sealed package. When driven with an optical power input of 10 mw, this device provides sufficient output to eliminate a pre-amp stage. Driven by low-duty cycle pulses of high power, this device drives decision circuits directly, thus eliminating the noise normally associated with intermediate gain stages. The 50 GHz performance of the Model DSC10S-3 photodetector allows added flexibility for the 40 Gbit link designer by eliminating the system bandwidth restriction of narrower bandwidth devices. Typically, the optical input to this device is a standard FC, SC or ST connector with PC, APC or UPC finish and the RF output is a standard V connector. 

Various connectors can be provided to tailor the device to any particular application and special fiber requirements can be accommodated.

For additional information, including complete specifications, operational capabilities and pricing or to discuss your application in detail, please call us at 609-434-1311 or fax 609-434-1317.

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