Integrated 10 GHz Photoreceivers

Ewing, NJ - November 6, 1998 - For Immediate Release -- Discovery Semiconductors, Inc. introduces photoreceiver modules for OC-192 or STM64 telecom applications with 150 V/W output into 50 ohms. A companion product delivers DC to 5 GHz bandwidths with output of 450 V/W. These devices have application in long-haul telephone, CATV, and optical interconnect applications. Measurements have shown the photodiode maintains its bandwidth at 850 nm, despite lower responsivity, making the units of interest to developers of next generation LANs.

Convenient to use, only +5 and -0.5 V bias voltages are needed, with power dissipation ~300 mW for the 10 GHz module model DSC-R401 and -500 mW for the higher gain DSC-R402. The small footprint RF modules (24x18 mm by 8 mm high) are hermetically-sealed in microwave packages and include single-mode fiber pigtails. SMA compatible Wiltron type 'K' connectors are standard for their superior flat frequency response and connection repeatability (Wiltron type V available on request). Standard back reflection specification is better than -40 dB with FC-PC input connectors. Optional performance of -55 dB is available, as are FC-APC connectors for the pigtail. Other connectors types supplied on request. Delivery is 6-8 weeks after receipt of order.

Discovery Semiconductors, Inc. has been in operation since 1992, performing contract research. It scaled up commercial operations this year, installing a clean room, hermetic sealer and test stations to deliver production quantities to users and OEMs around the world. Higher frequency PINs, for DC to 40 GHz are also available now, with wider bandwidth offered soon. The company is located at 119 Silvia Street in Ewing, NJ 08628.

For more information about these products, about PIN arrays for OC-192 DWDM or PIN photodiodes for DC to 50 GHz, please call us at 609-434-1311 or fax 609-434-1317.

For additional information, including complete specifications, operational capabilities and pricing or to discuss your application in detail, please call us at 609-434-1311 or fax 609-434-1317.

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