Balanced Optical Receivers Improve Sensitivity of Digital Fiber Links by Over 3 dB

Ewing, NJ - October 30, 2002

Balanced optical receivers manufactured by Discovery Semiconductors Inc. have been demonstrated to improve link sensitivity by 3 dB or more in applications such as DPSK, differential phase shift keying, and DQPSK, differential quadrature phase shift keying. In DPSK detection the phase of the optical signal is compared with a one bit delayed version of bit stream after passing through an optical interlever. The advantage versus OOK (on off keying) modulation lies in the 100% duty cycle possible with balanced detection.

Discovery offers two InGaAs balanced receivers with bandwidths of 14 and 20 GHz, the models DSCR405 and DSCR405ER respectively. These are targeted at digital telecommunications markets using 10 and 20 Gbps with FEC and RZ formats.

For quotations on a balanced optical receiver for your application, please call us at 609-434-1311 or fax 609-434-1317.

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