New Lab Buddy From Discovery Semiconductors, Inc.

Ewing, NJ - April 29, 2003

The Lab Buddy is the best friend your scope ever had. It simplifies adding optical front-ends to vector network analyzers, oscilloscopes and RF power meters. It utilizes Discovery Semiconductors' ultra-wide bandwidth InGaAs photodiodes and optical receivers. This robust package is powered from a universal wall mount plug in, with a built-in current limited power supply and can be used both for 110V and 220V with proper adapter. Optical input power from the users' fiber optic cable is supplied through the built in receptacle connector. RF output to the scope is through a coaxial connector.

For additional information, including complete product specifications, operational capabilities and pricing, or to discuss your application in detail, please call Discovery at: (609) 434-1311 or fax: (609) 434-1317.

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