Scientists use Discovery’s 40 GHz Photodiodes to Characterize 1.3 µm, Directly Modulated Semiconductor Lasers

Ewing, NJ - April 27, 2006

Discovery Semiconductors, Inc., an American company manufacturing optical receivers up to 65 GHz, has provided ultra-fast, 40 GHz InGaAs photodiodes to the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the National Chung Cheng University in Taiwan for their collaborative research in ultra-fast, directly modulated 1.3 µm DFB lasers. The Photonic Research Laboratory (PRL) at UCLA, led by Professor Jia-Ming Liu, has successfully demonstrated that a 3-fold bandwidth enhancement in semiconductor lasers can be achieved through nonlinear dynamics. A world record of 35 GHz modulation bandwidth has been realized in 1.3 µm DFB lasers.

“This suggests the possibility of using currently available semiconductor lasers for OC-768 optical communications. With Discovery’s high speed photodiodes, we were able to characterize and analyze these high speed signals. They will continue to play a key role in our future study at PRL and also in Taiwan,” said Dr. Sheng-Kwang Hwang, a former Ph.D. student in charge of the study at PRL and currently an assistant professor at the National Chung Cheng University.

“The application at PRL is a very unique one, where our 40 GHz photodiodes are used at 1.3 µm,” said Mr. Jay Magbitang, Sales Engineer at Discovery Semiconductors, “proving that Discovery’s photodiodes and photoreceivers can be used at multiple wavelengths.”  Mr. Magbitang continued, “One device for multiple wavelengths reduces operational and inventory costs for our customers, thus making them versatile for multiple applications.”

Discovery Semiconductors is an industry leader in manufacturing ultrafast, high optical power handling InGaAs photodetectors, radio frequency over fiber optical receivers, balanced optical receivers and several other custom products for applications ranging from analog RF links to ultrafast digital communications. They have experience with Space and High Reliability Military Projects, and their customers include Fortune 500 telecom and aerospace companies, defense organizations, universities and emerging communication companies.

For additional information, including complete product specifications, operational capabilities and pricing, or to discuss your application in detail, please call Discovery at: (609) 434-1311 or fax: (609) 434-1317.

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