Telecommunication - Ultrafast, Dual-Depletion Region, InGaAs/InP p-i-n Detector (1996)

Frank J. Effenberger & Abhay M. Joshi
Discovery Semiconductors, Inc.
119 Silvia Street
Ewing, New Jersey, 08628 USA


The design of a new kind of photodetector, the dual-depletion region p-i-n photodetector, is presented. This vertical detector has a parasitic capacitance and transit time that can be controlled semi-independently. This eases the classical tradeoff between these two speed limiting factors, allowing the design of large, fast detector. A theoretical analysis of the transit time effect and the capacitance effect is made. This analysis is then used to compute optimum design parameters.

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* Published in Journal of Lightwave Technology, Vol. 14, No. 8, pp. 1859-1864, August 1996. This work was supported by Rome Laboratories Hanscom AFB for Phase I SBIR research activity under Contract F19628-94-C-0116.

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