First Experimental Transmission over 50 m GI-POF at 40 Gb/s for Variable Launching Offsets (2007)

Stefan Schöllmann, (1), Christoph Wree (2), Abhay Joshi (2) and Werner Rosenkranz (1)
(1) Chair for Communications, University of Kiel, Germany
(2) Discovery Semiconductors Inc., 119 Silvia Street, Ewing, NJ 08628 USA


We show by BER measurements the first 40 Gb/s transmission over 50m GI-POF. The robustness towards launching offsets, polarisation changes and fibre bending is investigated for MMF and POF with 33GHz multi-mode coupled photo detector.

* Postdeadline Paper 3.7, Proceedings of the 33rd European Conference on Optical Communications, September 16-20, 2007, Berlin, Germany


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