100G/200G/400G Coherent Optical Receivers

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Discovery's Coherent Optical Receivers are designed for 100 Gb and upcoming 200 Gb and 400 Gb fiber optic communication systems. Optical Dual Polarization QPSK (DP-QPSK) and 16 QAM modulation formats are detected and converted to electrical signals that can be fed to a digital storage scope, or even a sampling scope. Our Coherent Lab Buddy is a user friendly lab instrument, which allows our customers to start doing their valuable experiments in a very short period of time.

AGC Balanced PIN + TIA Optical Receiver

DSC-R412 Linear AGC Balanced Receiver for 40G/100G Coherent Communications
  • Adjustable differential transimpedance gain (50 to 4000 ohms)
  • Adjustable differential output voltage (200 to 700 mVp-p)
  • Wide optical dynamic range of -16 to +2dBm
  • Wavelength Range of 1064 to 1650 nm
  • Excellent DPSK Eye Pattern quality

Coherent Receiver Lab Buddy

DSC-R413: DP-QPSK 100 Gb/400 Gb Coherent Optical Receiver Lab Buddy Lab Buddy
  • Easy-to-use lab instrument
  • Four well-matched Linear Balanced PIN/TIA Photoreceivers
  • Integrated Dual-Polarization 90 Degree Optical Hybrid
  • Two modes of operation: Automatic and Manual Gain Control
  • Adjustable differential gain
  • Adjustable RF bandwidth for all channels
  • Dual Polarization I/Q Transmitter Characterization
  • Intradyne Link Testing
  • High Speed ADC and DSP Development