Thermo-Electrically Cooled Extra Highly Linear Photodiode (xHLPD)

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The xHLPD photodiode modules are designed for high power operation up to 10 GHz bandwidth and can deliver up to 4 V peak-to-peak (+16 dBm CW) RF output power. The photodiode is actively cooled using an integrated thermo-electric cooler (TEC) for reliable device operation. The photodiode module also contains an integrated temperature sensor to enable operation under constant temperature with an external feedback loop. The TEC and temperature sensors are electrically isolated from the photodiode bias to minimiaze noise, crosstalk, and possibility of ground loops. These modules are available with or without an internal 1k(ohm) resistive termination.

Thermo Electrically Cooled HLPD Photodiode RF response of open-terminated photodiode integrated with a thermo-electric cooler and a temperature sensor in a compact microwave package

Figure: Discovery's xHLPD module. RF response of open-terminated photodiode.

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