20 GHz Linear Balanced Photoreceivers with Optional CDR

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The DSC-R405 is an extremely linear PIN + Amplifier balanced optical receiver suited for a variety of digital and analog applications. The R405 offers a linear response to > 0 dBm optical input, > 0.6Vp-p of linear output voltage, +5dBm of RF output power and a differential conversion gain of 300 V/W. The R405 is available in two bandwidth versions (14 and 20GHz) and two package choices: single-ended K-connector, & differential GPPO RF outputs.

Balanced Photoreceivers with 14 GHz Bandwidth or 20 GHz Bandwidth   DSCR405 or DSCR405ER Balanced Optical Receiver Lab Buddy

Fig1: DSC-R405 Linear Balanced Photoreceivers with Lab Buddy

DSC-R405 10.7 Gb/s RZ-DPSK Eye Diagram

Fig2: DSC-R405 10.7 Gb/s RZ-DPSK Eye Diagram
In: -3 dBm average optical power per photodiode
Out: 400 mVp-p

Salient Features:
  • Industry leading 10G OSNR performance
  • Linear gain to > 0 dBm optical input
  • Linear single-ended output voltage of > 0.6Vp-p
  • Wide RF bandwidth of 14 or 20 GHz
  • High Responsivity at 1310nm, 1550nm & L-band
  • High Dynamic Range
  • Well-matched fiber lengths, responsivity & RF response
  • Low optical PDL @ 1550nm (typically 0.05dB)
  • K-connector or GPPO package options
  • Meets GR-468 reliability standard
  • Clock and Data Recovery (CDR)
  • DPSK/DQPSK: Differential Phase/Polarization Shift Keying or Differential Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
  • Rapid Doppler-shift LIDAR measurements
  • Coherent Lightwave Systems
  • RF over fiber (RoF)
  • OFDM
  • Laser RIN cancellation
Available Models:
  • DSC-R405 - Linear Balanced Photoreceivers 14 GHz Bandwidth with Optional CDR
  • DSC-R405ER - Linear Balanced Photoreceivers with 20 GHz Bandwidth
DSC-R405 and DSC-R405ER Typical Frequency Response Curves and Common Mode Rejection

Fig3: Typical Frequency Response Curves & Common Mode Rejection

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