Discovery Semiconductors Delivers High Performance, High Reliability, Custom InGaAs Photodiodes for Navy Applications

Ewing, NJ - September 15, 2005

Discovery Semiconductors, Inc., an American company manufacturing 10 Gb/s and 40 Gb/s optical receivers, has delivered custom dual InGaAs photodiodes for 2-18 GHz Electronic Warfare (EW) applications. The salient features include small form factor, hermetic package, wide operating temperature (-20°C to +70°C), optical return loss of 40 dB, and flat RF response from 2 to 18 GHz with a 3 dB bandwidth of 22 GHz. The typical responsivity of each photodiode is 0.75 A/W across the 1520 – 1590 nm wavelength region. Furthermore, the responsivity variation with temperature (-20°C to +70°C) is less than 5%, thus, relaxing tight tolerances for RF link gain.

According to Mr. Dan Mohr, Senior Engineer, “We built a custom package for dual photodiodes with negligible RF and optical cross talk, as well as an identical footprint to our standard 3-pin photodiode package, which enabled us to lower the cost for our customer.” Mr. Mohr feels confident that the engineering at Discovery has reached a maturity level that will allow the company to undertake larger defense contracts with stringent quality requirements.

Mr. Jay Magbitang, Sales Engineer at Discovery Semiconductors, commented, “The design cycle time for this product was less than six months. I am proud to say that Dan and his team exceeded almost every parameter expected by the customer.” Mr. Magbitang continued, “Our sponsors played a key role in the success of this project and their engineers were always supportive throughout this project.”

Discovery Semiconductors is an industry leader in manufacturing ultrafast, high optical power handling InGaAs photodetectors, radio frequency over fiber optical receivers, balanced optical receivers and several other custom products for applications ranging from analog RF links to ultrafast digital communications. They have experience with Space and High Reliability Military Projects, and their customers include Fortune 500 telecom and aerospace companies, defense organizations, universities and emerging communication companies.

For additional information, including complete product specifications, operational capabilities and pricing, or to discuss your application in detail, please call Discovery at: (609) 434-1311 or fax: (609) 434-1317.

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