German Researchers use Discovery Semiconductors' 20 Gb/s Multimode Optical Receivers to Characterize 980 nm VCSELs

Ewing, NJ - October 20, 2006

Discovery Semiconductors, based in Ewing, NJ, has provided 25 GHz multimode (MM) photodiodes to the Technical University of Berlin for their research on directly modulated 980 nm lasers. Prof. D. Bimberg, with the Technical University of Berlin, led a collaborative group of researchers from the Center for Nano Photonics, Nanosemiconductor GmbH in Dortmund as well as that of Fraunhofer Institute HHI in Berlin, Germany. They recently reported the development of directly modulated, sub-monolayer grown quantum dot vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) at 980 nm for 20 Gb/s error free operation at 85 °C [1]. The lasers were characterized and tested using a Discovery DSC30S MM; 25 GHz photodiode coupled to a 62.5 µm graded index multimode fiber. Prof. Bimberg said, “Next generation short distance optical networks like chip-to-chip, or backplane applications require temperature robust ultra-high bit rate sources. Our final goal is a 1 Tbit/s VCSEL array fitting the Terabus demands of IBM, INTEL, Cisco, etc. We were able to characterize the high speed performance of the multimode laser without the detector compromising the results.”

Roy Howard, the Applications Engineer at Discovery who witnessed the development of the multimode high speed photodiodes over the last 6 years said, “The ease of optically interfacing the large aperture fibers into an experiment as well as the broad wavelength coverage of our photodiodes have opened up a number of new applications for high bit rate MM devices. The development of directly modulated VCSEL lasers at 980 nm is an important milestone on the road to 20 and 40 Gb/s multimode transmission.”  Mr. Howard went on to add that Discovery is seeing a marked increase in business for multimode fibered optical receivers at data rates above 10 Gb/s.  He said that the need for technical solutions for 100 Gb/s Ethernet is one of the major drivers for this growth.

[1] International Semiconductor Laser Conference ISLC, F. Hopfer et al., WC3, p. 119, Hawaii, (2006), ISBN: 0-7803-9560-3.

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