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Lab Buddy: The Most Versatile O/E Converter

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The Lab Buddy is the best friend you'll ever have! Enhancing optical front-ends was never easier. The ability to incorporate any of our 30+ devices into the Lab Buddy makes it more versatile than any other O/E converter on the market today. The Lab Buddy provides device specific voltages, factory set current limits, and appropriately sequenced biasing for Discovery's family of optical receivers in a convenient bench top package. It includes a 50 / 60 Hz, 110 / 220 VAC universal power supply. Optical input power from the user's fiber optic cable is supplied through the built-in receptacle connector. RF output to an oscilloscope is through a coaxial connector. This simplifies adding optical front-ends to spectrum analyzers, network analyzers, oscilloscopes and RF power meters, to name a few. It is also small enough to carry with you from lab to lab or in the field.

Discovery's Lab Buddy is a compact, lightweight, versatile and multi-function instrument solution for bench top optical/electrical conversions, perfect for lab experiments and field demonstrations.

Salient Features:

  • Plug and Play
  • Universal 110V/220V power supply eliminates the need for biasing power supplies
  • Robust package eliminates accidental damage to fiber pigtails, optical connectors, and RF connectors
  • Reduces set up time
  • Saves bench top space
  • Portable for field use


  • Lab instrumentation module for O/E conversion of:
    • Optical pulses having Full Width Half Maximum of 10 to 50 psec
    • RF over fiber in X, S, C, Ka, K, Ku, V or W bands
    • Data rates at 2.5, 10, 12.3, 40, 43, or 80 Gb/s
  • Use in student labs or busy test stations where not all users are experienced in handling opto-electronic components
  • Ideal reference receiver

Available Lab Buddy Models:

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