Q/V Band Amplifier from 35 GHz to 70 GHz

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The DSC-R417 is a RF Amplifier that offers moderate to high gain over Q and V band ranges (35 GHz to 70 GHz). It is a general purpose, small footprint, RF amplifier. The amplifier is useful for applications such a Short Haul/High Capacity Links and Wireless LANs.

DSC-R417 RF Amplifier

Fig.:DSC-R417 Q/V Band Amplifier

Salient Features:
  • Easy-to-use RF Amplifier Gain Block
  • Ultra Broadband Response
  • Low Noise
  • V Connectors
  • Powered from a Single Regulated DC Supply
  • General Purpose Wideband RF Amplifier
  • Short Haul / High Capacity Links
  • Wireless LANs
Available Models:
  • DSC-R417 - Q/V Band Amplifier from 35 GHz to 70 GHz
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